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FREE DELIVERY to our drop off points every other Tuesday. Self-serve farm store open Monday-Saturday 9-6 EGG LOYALTY CARDS ARE BACK! Stickers will be provided with each flat again including small flats!
-1/2 pig cut & wrapped-

-1/2 pig cut & wrapped-

65 lbs Bulk savings!
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We don't raise the pork ourselves anymore- we just weren't set up on our farm to manage a boisterous bunch of pigs and now we get our pork from AW Quality Meats. AW Quality Meats raises their pork without the use of added growth hormones or unneeded antibiotics. Unlike our beef, this pork is grain fed and not raised on pasture like our beef but we are extremely happy with their pork and confident that you will love it too! 

You get 1/2 a pig cut to your liking. You choose all your favorite cuts from the cutting order we give you, then we pass the info along to our butcher. We will contact you when it's ready for pickup/delivery!

Order now and wait as long as a month- usually less! Wondering if you have enough room in your freezer? **65lbs of pork cut and wrapped will fit easily (with a bit of room to spare) into a fridge freezer. ( 2 small-medium sized boxes or 1 large box.) Cured bacon & hams are included as options in your cutting order at no extra cost! All pork is government inspected, vacuum packed, & frozen, ready for your freezer.