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FREE DELIVERY to our drop off points every other Tuesday. Self-serve farm store open Monday-Saturday 9-6. 🥩NEW meat packages coming back in December! Stay tuned for updates in the online store page! Steaks, roasts, ribs, brisket, liver and more! DECEMBER 5th DELIVERY IS CANCELLED!

What is Route 304 Cattle Co. pasture raised beef?

When you purchase Route 304 Cattle Co. beef you are buying more then just meat; your showing your respect for the well being of both animals and the planet. Not only is our beef more flavorful and natural then you can find on the grocery shelves, but your purchase also supports local regenerative agriculture.
Our herd is pasture raised and by not over crowding the cattle in pens we, reduce illness, suffering, and unnecessary stress on our animals. That means zero added hormones, lots to eat, just happy animals and healthy pastures.
Our cows live as naturally as possible from calving with nature, (May-June) to being able to graze as many days of the year as they can. We utilize low stress handling techniques to ensure the health & well being of our animals. Our pasture finished beef is humanely raised and fattened on our native and perennial pastures, some annual grazing, and finally brought to finish on our home cut blend of grass and alfalfa hay.
Our beef is processed by AW Quality Meat Processing Inc., a licensed and inspected butcher near Blackie, Alberta.

The food you feed your family should not be a mystery; you deserve the best in both flavor and health. Only meat that reaches this standard can be labeled Route 304 Cattle Co. Beef.