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-NEW‼️ The Ranch Family 30lb beef box-

-NEW‼️ The Ranch Family 30lb beef box-

FREE-Beef tallow candle or Route 304 hat with this pkg! While supplies last!

A little bit of everything! 

Introducing our newest addition to the Route 304 Collection!

The Ranch Family Package•

Includes a variety of cuts that MAY include:

Steaks-may include Tenderloin, Ribeye, New York Strip loin,Flank, or Shank (4-6 steaks total)

Roasts- may include Top Sirloin, Chuck, Tri Tip, Eye of Round, Inside Round, Outside Round, Brisket (2-3 roasts weighing 4 pounds minimum.)

Ribs- Back Ribs, Short Ribs  (1pkg, but not all packages include ribs)

Stew- 1-2pounds per box

Lean Ground Beef 8-12 pounds per box

Brisket- we have a few boxes with 1/2 a brisket. (Specify that you want one with a brisket & we will try to accommodate you if we have any left!)

Each package will be a little different, not every package will have the same cuts etc. All packages will weight 30 pounds and will contain an attractive variety of cuts.

*Please note, switching cuts/swapping cuts around is not available.