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Lean Ground Beef 36lb Box

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Includes:1 lb pkgs. ***We sell by weight and some packages may be 1.1 lbs, therefore, there may not be exactly 36 pkgs.

Our customers comment that our ground beef is the best they have eaten!  They love that they aren’t pouring a tone of gross grease and water off and are impressed by our flat vacuum sealed packages that conveniently thaw quickly!

Enough beef for more then 36 meals- or more then 3 months if you eat ground beef about 3 times a week. Or if you only eat ground beef approximately   1 time a week, that’s over half a years supply of ground beef! (Depending on size of household)

Sold Frozen.

What our customers are saying...

"Best beef I have ever eaten! I can fry it up and never have any of that nasty grease, water, and grey stuff that happens with store bought ground beef."

"Awesome beef! Great Service!"

"I cooked up a package of hamburger and made a cabbage soup out of it and the hamburger was very good. Thank you!"

“Thanks for raising amazing beef!! This was our first time and it was so flavorful. Haha I can’t wait for my next ground beef dinner”🤤 

    Lean Ground Beef 36lb Box
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