Tallow Derived Products

At our farm, we strive to achieve the highest level of sustainability that we can, and a key part of this endeavor is utilizing every part of the animal. To this end, we render our pasture-raised tallow into a variety of products beyond just nutrient-packed skincare items such as tallow balm, lotion, to candles, and lots more products we hope to offer soon!

To learn more about our pasture-raised tallow products, please click the button below. We are excited to share our sustainable farming practices with you and hope to inspire others to adopt eco-friendly approaches in their homes and communities.

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Farmers and Ranchers

Our farmer/rancher lifestyle not only revolves around the raising of the animals, but also encompasses the family grain farm.

We have established regenerative grazing techniques that contribute to sustainable farming practices & compliments both the cattle and grain side of things.

These regenerative grazing practices such as rotational grazing, promote soil health and biodiversity. By carefully managing our grazing patterns and periodically rotating our animals to fresh pastures, we ensure that the land can naturally rebuild nutrients and maintain its fertility over time. This also promotes heath and well being in our animals as they can live more naturally in wide open spaces, rather then living in confined spaces that could encourage sickness and stress.

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