Route 304 Cattle Co. was created by Brandon & Danielle Toews in 2019 near Linden, Alberta.

We have grown up eating wholesome pasture raised beef and it has been our dream to provide this to folks looking to source their meats directly from the farm! We often bump into people that express their desire to know where their food comes from, or more specifically, what’s in the food they eat. That’s where we come in,-Our meat doesn’t have any of the preservatives that a lot of the store bought stuff is sprayed with, and once you try our ground beef, you will never want to go back to the sketchy store bought stuff! 

Our life revolves around our cows, the family farm, & meeting kind folks like you that have an interest in pasture raised meats!


Trained dogs and horses play a vital role in livestock management and are essential for efficient and effective farming operations.

Cattle dogs, known for their intelligence and agility, assist in gathering, sorting, and driving our livestock, making the process safer and more controlled.

Similarly, well-trained horses are invaluable in navigating challenging terrain, providing reliable transportation, and aiding in cattle drives.


Prioritizing animal welfare for all of our animals. Raised ethically and sustainably.



Our chickens are raised by Danielle's Dad, located just a mile from Route 304. He has built a unique chicken tractor that ensures their safety and comfort throughout the summer. This custom-built tractor withstands harsh elements, offers protection from predators, and provides a sheltered, dry environment with shade for hotter days. In contrast to conventionally raised chickens that seldom experience the outdoors, our chickens have the opportunity to bask in the sunshine every day, and they absolutely love it!



We don't raise the pork ourselves anymore- we just weren't set up on our farm to manage a boisterous bunch of pigs and now we get our pork from AW Quality Meats.

AW Quality Meats raises their pork without the use of added growth hormones or unneeded antibiotics. Unlike our beef, this pork is grain fed and not raised on pasture like our beef but we are extremely happy with their pork and confident that you will love it too! 

You get 1/2 a pig cut to your liking. You choose all your favorite cuts from the cutting order we give you, then we pass the info along to our butcher. We will contact you when it's ready for pickup/delivery!

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Curious about the other products we offer?

Besides our meats we offer other sustainable products provided by our neighbors.

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Best beef I have ever eaten! I can fry it up and never have any of that nasty grease, water, and grey stuff that happens with store bought ground. All products are vacuum sealed in thick freezer grade plastic and frozen flat for quicker defrosting. The pricing is great and customer service exceptional.

I have to say. We are really enjoying the quality of meat your family provides!

So gooooooood we are hooked. We had cross rib roast a few days ago. -1/2 beef customer

Nice people with a great product

The half beef we got last year was tender and very tasty.

Thank you I didnt know where to post on your page .. I wanted say excellent meat awesomely cut great price. We are very happy .we spread your name around . 5*****

Just tried their jerky from the Stampede and loved all flavours! Will def be trying more of what Route 304 offers! Thank you

Good morning, just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the quality of the meat. The taste is incredibly different. Finally feel like I’m not eating mouth fulls of steroids and who knows what else. Amazing job! The eggs are amazing! Thank you again!

I cooked up a package of hamburger and made a cabbage soup out if it and the hamburger was very good. Thank you!

Those garlic sticks went like butter, I think you hit the right balance. Really nice texture too.

Amazing, tender and beautiful rich flavours!

Stocked up with a half beef, and look forward to repeat business in the future. Thank you for all you hard work.

Super delicious beef! We are very happy with our half beef order and the ease of ordering! Danielle was very helpful answering all our questions! The variety of cuts we got are great and every type of cut we have tried to date has been 10/10!

Great quality meats and amazing people. The beef jerky is a personal favorite in our home now. thank you for all your hard work! You guys are amazing.

What an amazing company to deal with. Very easy and pleasant to communicate with, very flexible, and amazing product! We are so happy with our beef order and can't wait to try more of their products!

Love buying meat from here. Local and convenient too! Keep up the great work!

Amazing products, we have tried their steaks and snacks. 100% recommendable!!

Awesome prices! Easy to deal with, great quality

The best of the best- farm raised meats!

Good beef jerky!

Amazing steaks!!