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1/4 beef Down payment

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Total cost $1225.00 approximately 

We will take a $100 down payment now and the remaining balance will be due via e-transfer or cash at pick up or delivery. Please note: we will not accept credit card as a form of payment on 1/2 or 1/4 beef orders.

We charge $7.00 on the hanging weight. Hanging weights of our 1/4’s are around 175 pounds. After dry aging, cutting, & packaging, you will end up with about 60-70% of that 175 pounds, usually about 122.50.


What's all included in a 1/4 beef package? 

A variety of roast, steaks, ribs, stew meat and ground beef, from all quarters of the beef.

You will get approximately 100-122 pounds of cut and vacuum packed meat. FROZEN

Roasts are 3-4 lbs average & steaks are 1” thick. 

Ground beef and stew meat are 1 pound packages.

A 1/4 beef fits into 2 large boxes or 3.5-4 cubic feet.

Unlike purchasing 1/2 a beef, you do not have the opportunity to customize any of the cuts when you purchase a 1/4. We provide you with a nice variety from all quarters of the beef. If you wish to customize the thickness of the steaks, or size of roasts etc., consider ordering a 1/2 a beef.

Contact us for more info!  

    1/4 beef Down payment
    Order now for delivery to one of our meet up spots or stop by the farm store!